BCI Group 31M 2015 e4

Just installed 6 new BCI Group 31M in my 2015 Gem e4 but still charger is double blink in red. any ideas.

Check volts right at red and black from charger. Is main switch “on”?

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thanks so much. got bast that now on to error 18 on the dash.

Thanks for the help.

Does car run?
Did it run before?

I just got the car.Trying work through the issues. First was batteries. Seem to have that resolved now this. Temp light is on and when it starts to move forward the wrench and 82 com on.

Can you roll the car enough to see if speedometer works.
82 is shorted motor, but IIRC it can also fault when it loses speed sensor.
See if it’s the same fault with armature wires disconnected.
Then meg armature motor terminals to ground. Should be near infinity.
@AssyRequired ?

Yes- 82 is the weird one where the tech manual says “shorted armature”, but also associated with speed sensor going bad (or not plugged in).

The speed sensor is down on the end of the motor n the Pass side. Look to make sure the 3 wire sensor is plugged in and wires are not damaged.

By strange coincidence you have a temp light showing on your dash. That is ALSO down in that same area. That is the two wire plug. Verify that is plugged into the motor.

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Both were plugged in. Cleaned them an went for a drive. Code is now 81 and temp light is still on. DL and DH are the same speed. Realy drops of with an incline. No speed O.

Thanks agian for the help.
This is mind boggling for me.
I am a 2 stroke motor guy not elec.

See if there is damage to the wires.
For the two wire sensor, jump it to clear temperature error temporarily.
If it does not clear it wiring is bad,
The 3 wire plug should have 12v from red to black with sensor unplugged.

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I just ordered a new speed sensor on amazon. I will try it and jump the temp out tomorrow.


You might want to pop off the speed sensor and check to make sure the ring magnet is still ok. They break/crack fly apart quite easy.

I always order up the set(sensor and magnet). If I don’t need one or the other at the moment, I will need the other eventually.

I agree with Inwo on the temp light. Connect the two wires at that connector and see if the light goes out.

That seems to be the trick. Changed out the speed sensor and now were up and running at 25mph.
Went to jump out the temp and a wire fell out of the conector. I will get a new 2 wire connector tomorrow.

Thank you both for your help.