Battery replacement

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has come across EV-Wokshop? I had my Gwiz batteries replaced by them in January and they were faulty/no new maybe? I paid for the service and although I was assured the batteries would be replaced they never came back. I have since been trying to get in touch with them and after many attempts I haven’t had any success. I am just assuming that I was conned by them. Is there any thing I can do? Thanks for your help.

Contact them on Facebook.

I used EV Workshop several years ago for replacement batteries and since for servicing and never had any problems with them.

Hi, I’ve had problems with them. They fitted new batteries to my Gwiz. Never achieved the range of the originals, and failed just outside the warranty. Goingreen inspected and found they had been fitted wrongly, which caused the cover to scorch, amongst other problems. One of the batteries was replaced with a second hand battery - actually had the original date of fitting in 2011!!

Since found out they’ve caused problems to several Gwiz owners’ vehicles, eg fitted second hand batteries.

They would not replace my batteries without my having to pay again, which thankfully I didn’t do.

You could try small claims court. May need a technical report - if you’re in London, goingreen would be your best bet - Alex very helpful.