EV-Workshop a Scam

Hi everyone.

I wanted to post an alert to all who may be within UK and have a G-Wiz car.

I ordered parts from EV Workshop about 6 months ago, received an Invoice and sent the money through PayPal.

After about 3 months it was clear i wouldn’t receive anything as the phone call was constantly rejected, any E-bay message was ignored and the last time i was in contact with the person called Ric i listened to a sad story about a “motorcycle accident” and after that just silence with no phone replies, E-mail replies or anything for that matter.

I was even a member on their forum and posted some tips there about fixing a car but it seems that suddenly my IP is banned from there as well.

Funny thing is that a year ago i did receive a part i ordered so i did order more items. I don’t know what happened and i honestly don’t care. I am down 700 GBP with this guy and no parts to show for it.

I just wanted everyone to know that this guy is still selling stuff on E-bay and here are some links to his products:

Reva G-Wiz Full Service,On site or in our workshop | eBay


Reva G-Wiz,A/C Drive Electric Car, New batteries with a 2 Year warranty | eBay

Seems there are already posts on E-bay about him selling items that aren’t even his so i just wanted to point that out. Hope no one sends this crook any money in the future cause the EV community is small as it is and the last thing it needs is scammers like that. Really sad to see.