EV Workshop

Well i told you i was buying a G wiz well here’s how i got on.:-
I looked at electric cars for months to find one that i liked and could afford. It was really important to me that it came with new battery’s as i am a pensioner with a limited budget. To be honest the only one i could afford was the Reva G Wiz, i must have looked at every G Wiz on the internet before making my decision.

I decided to but one from E V Workshop in Bedfordshire advertised on eBay as it was advertised with new battery’s 2007 registered Feb 2007 on a 56 plate A/C Model. I paid £1750. When it arrived it was absolutely filthily so i valeted the inside and waxed and polished the outside.
I noticed that the battery meter was only half full which i thought was a little strange you would have thought he would have charged it, any way didn’t think to much of it so look it out for a short drive to see if every thing worked okay and every thing seemed fine. When i came to charge it that night it went into conditioning mode i’m no expert but i thought surely new battery,s should not go into conditioning mode? So i decided to have a look at the battery,s to see if they looked new which if you have ever owned a G Wiz this is not an easy task because you have to take out the seats, I wonder how many people would have done that? And that is what E V Workshop rely on the fact that most people would not look, because when i looked the battery’s were obviously old covered in dirt and leaves one of the sensors were lying flat with the big hole that was drilled open, plus on one of the battery’s the watering system was tilted over to one side and the water was leaking on the battery. So i contacted E V Workshop and after a bit lot of toing and froing it was decided that i could return it which i have the emails to prove it. At my expense of £165 i returned it then the fun began.

Ric Bollen From E V Workshop said that he hadn’t agreed to me returning it and refused to give me a refund so i opened a case against him but he new that eBay or PayPal don’t cover car, in fact he told me so by test which i have a hard copy off. To add further insult he opened an unpaid case against me and even though i proved to PayPal and eBay that i had paid for it they still put it on my record. Now it gets even better because he now has my money and the car and he has put the nicely cleaned and polished car back up for sale on eBay using PayPal as the payment method. I have written to PayPal and eBay many times and they say there is nothing they can do and despite the fact that i told them that he is reselling the car i returned and paid for they refuse to do anything to stop him.
Sorry Mark I know this is not the sort of reply you were expecting but i thought it was important the members know.