Battery Arc

Please don’t ask why, but I removed the front battery from my 2002 e2 today. When reinstalling I created a small arc with the positive cable to the frame. Now I am getting a -15 code and the cart wont move. I have checked the fuses in the block on the passenger side under the hood and the master fuse. Oh, And I am not hearing the normal “Clunk” when I release the parking brake. Any Ideas?

Sure you got it installed with correct polarity? + to -? Also might want to check each battery voltage w/ voltmeter. All the batteries should be 12.3 volts are near about.

Battery installed backwards

OK…I guess this forum is all about education. I just got exactly that. When ARandal said check your polarity, I said “I know that red is positive and Black is negative”. Then Ole Houseboater said your battery it’s installed backwards, Well the light finally came on. Well the Cart is fixed. Thanks guys. I feel like such a dummy, but you guys gave me some education. "RED DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN POSITIVE! Thanks again!

Glad you got it sorted out. Incidentally some of the value of this group is sharing our mistakes so others may learn without repeating them!


ARandal, That is why I told my story. I sure hope someone will learn from my stupid mistake. I will never tell what I have done in the last 36 hours to get to a remedy. That would just be more embarrassing. But, maybe the next guy will read this and not endure the sleepless night and hours on the phone with a tech. and removing parts. You just don’t know. LOL

Just gonna leave you with one important fact. RED DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN -POSITIVE!"