Batteries for your car and the future

Batteries for your car and the future
The options
Buy it on your credit card or pay cash
Use a battery swap company(ok for some commercial operations not so good for private)

Lease the battery and pay for the battery life as you go.- no risk of poor battery but you pay extra for this risk and would be at least double the cost.

Or as I did for my first battery was to get a loan from the bank specifically for the battery and pay it off at a slightly faster rate than the expected life of the battery.
This way I paid for the battery as I used it and established a credit rating with the bank so that the next battery was easier to finance.
This way if you nurse the battery well then you will have enough credit or money to buy a even better battery as technology improves

so what is your option depending on your own circumstances.

there is nothing more ev killing to still owe money spent on the battery and then have to finance a new one

just came across this info looking forward to more in the future

. Vanadium added to the Li-ion battery cathode adds 5 times the energy storage = 5 times the range on each charge.