Axel crown nut torque

2007 ELXD
I bought a set of new sealed front wheel bearings and half shaftes from NEV. My question is, how tight should I install the axel nut?
Thank you in advance for your help!

It’s like any other nut, you tighten it until you hear a crack, then back it off 1/2 a turn. :smiley:

Actually it’s 74 ft-lbs.

That’s good to know. I use my Impact and the moment it starts to snug down I stop. I have broke 1 off b4 so I know to say when :slight_smile:

I had one break, just changed it out over the weekend, only reason I know the number is because I just looked it up Sunday. Lol.

Thanks for the input!

Is that a hub from NEV?

Yes. Brand new with the disc brake upgrade kit for 2000-2004 model years.

It took me two weeks to realize it was cracked. I finally figured it out when my range was cut in half. I went to check the front batteries and saw the brake rotor dragging on the caliper. Then I saw the crack.

Took a photo, called them up, emailed the photo to Ivan and they shipped me out a new hub assembly, new rotor and new bolts right away. Real stand up guys over there at NEV Accessories.

I had no idea it was split all the way around until I took it off. I think it was just a fluke that I got a defective casting and probably hit a deep pothole.