2005 Brakes and wheel hubs

Hello All,

I just purchased a 2005 Gem E4 . After test riding it, it appears that the front wheel hub bearings might be bad with 3300 miles. The car is located 300 miles away and my time is limited as I am remodeling a condo.

I came across a parts list by GEMmechanic and I appreciate his efforts. I have the following few questions I like to post to the board.

I want to replace both hub bearings.
I assume we need the following per wheel

Found in Gem Parts catalog for 2005

0610-00456 SEAL, WHEEL Qnty 2

Knuckle assy.
103-01214 Knuckle​ RH 10 inch 2005-2006 $ 166.02
0103-01215 Knuckle LH 10 inch 2005-2006 $ 166.02​
0103-01216 Knuckle RH 12 inch 2005-2006 No Extension $ 166.02
0103-01217 Knuckle​ LH 12 inch 2005-2006 No Extension $ 166.02

"GEM Car Front Wheel Bearing for 2005 and later vehicles. Sealed. Factory quality replacement for part number 0610-00455.

If I am pulling the hubs and I have no idea what the brakes look like I would like to replace them. Can ANY auto parts store that cuts rotor will be able to turn them or do you just replace them?

0311-01394 DISC, BRAKE - 7.56" DIA Use with 10" Wheels
0311-01360 DISC, BRAKE - 9.21" DIA Use with 12" wheels
0611-00732 DISC BRAKE PAD 2005+

If any one has performed this task, Please chime and provide feedback with helpful tips and tricks and hopefully no nightmare stories.

I used a 6 x 12 uhaul trailer. I had to remove the doors and only has 2 inches on each side to play with but the car was loaded on a 6 x 12 utility trailer with ramp. I needed 2 2x6 boards that help load it because the body will bottom out .


Thanks again

I plan on tearing out both Knuckles / Front hub assy to determine if the bearing is bad and will try to get a friend to cut the rotors or replace depending on condition. I may try to jack the front end up where the tires are off the ground and then spin the tires to see if the noise is still present with no load. I then need to weigh the cost of pressing the bearing out myself or replace the who knuckle if its bad. It’s about $100 more per side and.I am a do it yourself kind of guy :slight_smile:
The brake pads will get replaced guardless and I will post back once I find out more info for troubleshooting a whine/ grinding noise with a little whoop whoop noise that is relevant to rotation speed. I am not a you tube guy but I will post pics of the procedure.


I’m have the same hub issue with my 2008 e4 gem car. It sounds like hub noise to me and when i jack up the vehicle, there is a little side-to-side play in the hub. I’m not sure if this is normal or not because both of my front wheels have the same play. The castle nut on the axel appears to be well seated. Any ideas???