Replacing GEM e4 Wheel Bearing

Hey experts!

I have been doing some work on my little 2005 GEM e4, and I have come to the conclusion that I think I have a bad passenger side rear wheel bearing.

When turning left at speed, I can hear a grinding noise. If I have a heavier passenger, or folks on the rear bench, it is almost constant, but more pronounced when turning left.

It definitely sounds like it is coming from the right rear.

I took off the rear fender, and drove around…the noise is still present.

Which leaves me to think it is the wheel bearing…sound right?

I found the bearing at NEV Accessories

However I will admit…I have no idea how to repair it.

In reading another thread it sounds like I can take the assembly to NAPA and have them put the new bearing in…is this a good course of action?

Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.


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Take the big nut off the end of the spindle. DO THIS FIRST.
Remove the wheel and tire.
Remove the brake drum.
Remove the 4 bolts holding the spindle assembly in place. DO NOT remove the brake line.
Move the backing plate aside.
Remove the spindle assembly.

You can change the bearings yourself with a punch and heavy hammer but better to take it to someone with a press.

Thank you for the help!

I assume most mechanics will have this equipment?

Probably best to go to a Golf Cart shop. They can change out the bearings in a heart beat. You will pay 3 times for the bearings though.

Our Napa store is Great but not all stores are equipped.

hi EOppegaard… NEV Accessories deals more with parts for the 2004 and older… be sure you are talking apples and apples… know they are good guys and are good about telling you if their part will work for sure… I don’t know wheel bearings from wheel nuts… talk to Evan or Roger before ordering…

check the part number on this site… Gem Car Parts Direct | The Nations #1 Source for Gem Car Parts


I have an extra set of 4 wheel bearings that I bought for my 2005 Gem 4 seater. I installed an identical set myself and they work just fine. Not too difficult to install. I will sell these for 1/2 the price of the bearings you might find elsewhere. Let me know.

Time has past…but…you still got these for sale