Front wheel bearings and seal 2002 Gem E825

Hi I am looking to buy after market front wheel bearings and seal for my 2002 Gem car any body know where I can find them without buying the whole brake assembly?



Thank you for the info I also found the part number in the forum it is

6006 2RS1

Why not just take one apart, Clean the grease out of the bearing and cup. Take it to your local auto parts store or bearing store for new ones. They can either go by the numbers on the bearing and seal or their measurements and probably cost a fraction of the price from the dealer. I had a bearing in my Honda lawn tractor go, so I took the remains of the bearing to my local auto parts store and got a new one… cost about $5. Hate to see what Honda wanted for the same bearing…



Your right 60062RS is the right Number for 1998 thru 2004. I buy them on Ebay - about 5 bucks. each

2005 and up take the 40 buck double row bearing without any identification on it to cross reference.

Thanks Houseboater I found them on ebay 2 bearings for 8.99 and free shipping

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