Awesome! Broken Rear Subframe!

I finally got around to pulling off the back plastic to get it prepped for paint and discovered that my frame is broken in two places. At least now I have an excuse to pull off the rear subframe and paint it.

That’s very common. Sort of to be expected with the 99-2004 cars. Many people have documented the “strengthened rear sub frame”
Mod here on the Fourm.

The stock configuration was made to fail. The engineers did a crazy job and didn’t take into account the flex

I searched for something to that effect but couldn’t find anything. Not a big deal, looks like a simple fix, just one more thing to add to the list.

I see you have been through it as well. Rear Sub frame 2002

NEV Accessories sell a pair of U shaped channels that are welded on to reinforce. Seems like a simple fix, a couple of flat plate gussets would work too. So far with 6000 miles on one and 975 on a second GEM, haven’t seen this failure yet.

Very common, I fixed a few with NEV Accessories “REAR AXLE REINFORCEMENT KIT” my welder installed them no problem… but there has been talk of allowing the back end to flex so my welder just adds a strip across the top & bottom of the crack nowadays.
2002 Gem car axle repair

10-4. I re-welded the cracks and added 1" metal bar stock across the top, then bent two 90 deg pieces of stock on the outside corners. I’d show the repair, but the welds I laid down with my new Harbor Freight Flux core are gross.

Not my best weld, but it works. I went with the plate method. In typical fashion, I welded all sides and filled in the holes for good measure. You will see I welded to the shock mount for added support. There is a plate welded on the bottom as well.

Pretty close to what I did as well, although I didn’t get into the shock mounts. I’d post pics as well, but they are embarrassing.