How to reinforce rear suspension 2004 and earlier?

I hear several complaints about the 2004 and earlier suspension rear ends and their weak points. In looking to be proactive, although i doubt i would have any problems being a 2 seater with a short bed that never gets loaded down or rode hard, i wanted to look to reinforcing. Anyone have pictures on what they did?

Seems some strengthening or support welded over axle connection is all that is really needed.

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Here is one.

Sure, you could weld up and brace what is there, but you would be ultra schmick if you scrounge up some components from a late model car and adapt them to your car and try and make it better.
Go ahead, bend a few rules. Get out of that comfy box. Run with those scissors. Don’t be afraid to poke an eye out.
And Don’t forget to come back later and tell us how it “worked great” or "what a stupid idea that was!"

Indeed. That example seems to be a very nice idea. Thanks

NEVA sells a reinforcement kit for very little money that will just slide into place. still have to weld it though. It’s like $25 iirc. But shipping will cost you another $20-25 even just one state over

Yeah they are a rip on their shipping charges.

They gotta pay for all the decaying orbit solar satellites somehow