Autoblock gauge sender

Has anyone used the Autoblock gauge sender from Rechargercar? It is designed to work on analogy gauges and I would like to see if it can be adapted to a digital. The company has been nonresponsive.

Which Autoblock sender are you talking about. They make more than one. What are you trying to measure?

Broadly speaking: Analog sensors, for the most part, are variable resistance units while Digital tend to be counters.

Their website only has one now and it is discontinued. I am not sure of the model number. I want to measure the state of charge and connect it to my fuel gauge and amp draw and connect that to the tach.

What kind of vehicle?

It is a 1998 Jeep Wrangler. Conversion uses a HPEVS ac75 motor and Curtis controller.


How about a detailed story with pictures. A lot of us are serious hobbyists?


I am new at the forum scene. When I hit the photo icon the screen freezes and asks for a url yet won’t let me enter anything. I will figure it out. When do you suggest I post it?

Go to ADVANCED and down to manage attachments.

PM Dave (Inwo) he is our resident electrical nerd and loves challanges. He can help you with your project.

you have 5 posts now so can post pictures anytime.


Thanks! I will give it a shot.

if yo resize your pictures to standard 640 x 480 or smaller you will have better luck.


Thanks, I went thru the process and it says I need a security token.?