Ammeter, volts and RPM gauges

I’m looking to potentially add amps, volts and RPM gauges for the GEM, a lot of the links in the old thread from 2016 are broken, a few still link. Are the ones in that thread still the best options, or are there newer / better monitors available?

I also seem to have my dash off a lot these days, so if anyone knows of some round gauges (bonus points for analog) that I can set up as pillar gauges, that would be sweet.


Any volt meter or ammeter for appropriate range will work. Analog are out there.
Use any V-8, 4ppr, tachometer. Needs to have isolated “pickup” or an isolated dc to dc converter to connect to motor sensor.
At one time, I made a MM with tach output.

I just put 9 magnets on the drive axle cup for the pick up on my first one. 8.9 gear box. Wrapped with a layer of gorilla tape worked good. Second one I put a hole in the tach pickup and attached a little magnet to the screw that holds the magnet on. Also worked good. However since the motor is hooked directly thru the gear box the RPM can be directly calculated. I have an interactive spread sheet that covers all classic GEMs Just enter the tire diameter and it gives RPM for all gearbox ratios. Email me and I will send you one.
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