Pulse counter

I have a few extra counters.
If someone wants one as an easy way to measure gear ratio of golf carts and nevs, this one is ready to go.

It does not have the tach plugs, which make it plug and play. That takes some time and is not needed for a quick check.

This is not a tach or speedometer.
Set to zero, roll car one wheel circumference, divide by 4.

This is just first step in making an inexpensive tach/speedometer.

Picture and schematic to make your own.

Or loan.

The tach is proving to be a challenge.

Let me know if you would use a permanently connected rpm or speed meter.
I’ll put something together.

5 digit led reads motor rpm directly.

Isolated for permanent connection.
Hard wired.
12vdc supply.
Available after Rodney tests it. (with luck)

Pre-wired with plugs to fit motor, possible.

Can be reprogrammed to mph.

I have a AMP/VOLT METER already. I’m going to add Daves Tach and try and make everything Neat. My GEM Speedo is fine. I like the volt meter because it gives me accurate instant voltage readings. Also a BIG fan of the amp meter - helps me to lighten my foot. Also I can calculate actual horsepower. Example: The other night I put my foot in it - 285 amps, 58 volts = 16 horsepower

Explanation of counter function:

Counter is self powered.
High impedance input will not affect electronics.

I use a couple safety pins to pierce wire insulation at motor connection.

Connect to green and black.

Roll or drive 4 tire rotations to read gear ratio.

Also works to test magnet wheel and tach hall sensor.