Audio Alarm and error code GEM Car 2009

My batteries were dead in my 2009 GEM car so I recharged them with a trickle charger and getting 52.2 volts from the 6 - 8 volt batteries with a meter . When I turn on the power switch I get an audible alarm and error code on the steering wheel of 432 Looking for some help on how to ready this code? If it is 43 then it looks like my motor controller may need to be replaced? The on board charger show yellow light at 5 bars as well.

Any help would be appreciated


I think your voltage is still too low, I think you need at least 60V before system will start to function correctly and charger will work… But not positive what the actually low voltage number is, somewhere around there.

Should be 3 more batteries someplace.

No think he is saying that each of the six batteries is at 8 volts (dead), 10V is absolute min for a 12v battery to work.

Could be. I’m not surprised by anything.
Some do use 9 - 8v batteries.