Audi A2 conversion project

I am playing with the idea to make an EV project of my own and have the following things in mind for the moment:

  1. I would like to use a crash-safe and modern, yet very light car with at least 4 seats. Currently my ideas are to use a high mileage or defect engine year 2000-something small car such as a Audi a2 as a donor car. (Or perhaps a small French or Japanese…)

  2. I would love to have an engine set up that enable me to have maximum brake regeneration capability:

  1. A battery system that either consists of:
  • Preferably Lithium Iron Phosphate (a123) or Thunder-Sky or the battery packs from and that enables me to capture the regeneration electricity created when braking.

  • Super capacitors for the high C capability + cheaper lead batteries

  1. Water cooling of battery, engine and controller.

  2. Focus on long range rather then high speed performance/acceleration.

I know that what I have in mind is a bit “cutting edge” and I am by no mean experienced in this area. But I would like to better understand if I you think that what I am about to do is feasible and more specifically what your comments are on the following questions:

  1. Is the small size of the donor car potentially an issue in terms of space for the electrical engine/batteries and so on, or would you recommend me to go for a more traditional approach and use a RAV4 for ex?

  2. What are your thoughts around a good brake regeneration concept that is either a non-gear system or a gear system. Is it worth it?

  3. Is AC or DC best motor ?

  4. Can I use the engine for the brake regeneration or do I need a generator to do this and what are the challenges around this? Do you know of anyone who has successfully done this?

  5. What are your thoughts around the a123 and the’s or Thunder-sky ( ) battery-packs?

  6. Do you think it would make sense to try to build a rudementary water cooling framework in which you put the battery cells?

  7. Does it matter if I have a powerful v.s. a smaller motor in terms of power consumption (under the assumption that acceleration and top speed is kept the same)?

  8. Are you aware of a “great” conversion kit that you can recommend, that might make my life easier? I have seen many on the net but it is difficult to know which one is really good.

Cost is obviously an issue I need to keep in mind and I would like to try to keep them as low as possible.

I am sorry to bombard you with all these questions…
But I would be very interested to learn what people in this forum has to say about this!

Thank you in advance!
Daniel Giertz

i wish we had audi A2’s here in the states… but i’ll go over your questions later and make sure to answer them in full gotta run.

how about useing the batteries to initially power a hydrogen generator, to power a 50cc engine that can power some alternators to charge the batteries while the vehicle while it is both in motion and standing?

I have had a honda c50 moped at 2500 rpm running on hydrogen, self generating after an initial input of 25 mins of hydrogen build up.