Best way to get regen in a small package

Hi there,

I’m in the planning stages of converting my 1980 Triumph Spitfire to an EV. One thing I’m really interested in is regen braking. I’ve heard that this is normally done in AC systems, but since my car is pretty small, I don’t think I can get enough batteries in there for the voltage necessary in AC systems. If I’m wrong there, please let me know!

I’ve heard that regen is possible in DC systems, but I can’t find any info out there. Has anyone heard about this – or even better, done a project like this?



I may be wrong (again) but I think that regen is usually handled thru the controller. My truck doesn’t have that, so I have not paid any attention, but if you will call “Flight Systems” @ 800-333-1194 I’ll bet they can help. They are the repair center for Curtis controllers and they also have their own line of controllers. I don’t remember who to talk to, but they are all very knowledgeable and helpful.

It is impractical and very difficult to incorperate for a DC system, but here is some info: And you can totally do an AC system in your car. If you use lithium batteries of lower AH you will still have the same KW/H rating as will high AH batteries because of the volatge compensation. Look for the lithium ion group purchase thread to get info on those batteries…