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Hi everyone,I’m Arthur from Florida this is my first post here. I’m having problems with my 2002 Gem e825. I don’t know much about mechanics all I do is read and try to fallow the instructions. On the 4th of July 2022 I took my car for a ride in the neighborhood after getting back to my house I stopped the car and when I put it on reverse it will not move the reverse buzzer starting sounding but it will not move. The contactor will not make that Clank sound the buzzer will not turnoff. The only code that it shows is a #4, lights and horn are all working. I have replaced the contactor, converter but same situation. A year and a half ago my controller stopped working so that was replaced too. One year a go I replaced the regular deep cycle batteries for lithium an the car was performing great, no issues until now. I don’t know if this information is enough but if more information is needed I can try to get it. All of your help is really appreciated. You all have a great Thanksgiving and thank you again.

Hey Arthur, Welcome to the group.

A -04 error code is referring to the Parking brake. Something has gone wrong with that switch or the wires going to it. It could be just a bad connection and wiggling or pulling the connectors off and putting it back on may fix it.

To test it, typically there are 3 wires going to that switch. To bypass (just to see if the car will go) you need to pull off the Wh/Gn and Grn wires and connect them together. The -04 should clear and the clack of the Main Relay will be the clues that your car will go.

If you inspect that switch there is a metal tab coming off the bottom if the switch. Try pressing on that tab and listen for the click. Sometimes they are just a tad out of adjustment, Other times you need to replace the switch.

Hi AssyRequired, thank you for your quick response I appreciate that. I connected the green and white cable with the green but nothing happened. One thing is that I have to turn the cut off switch to the batteries to off or red , because once you put it on or green the buzzer starts and it doesn’t stop until the cut off switch is back to off. I checked all lights, horn, turne signals everything is working fine. Thank you for your help.

If I recall, there is a difference between the REV Beeper (pulsing beep) and the Park Brake Alarm (steady beep). Can you verify what you are hearing?

Let’s back up a bit-

You first mentioned that you put the selector switch in REV. Does the beep stop when you put the selector in FWD? (MainSwON and KeyON)

When you first flip the MainBatSwON you should see the Round Dash Display light up for ~5 secs then go out. When you turn KeyON does the display come back ON?
Does it show a number?

It’s a steady beep and when I put it on revers mode it makes a steady beep and a pulsing beep at the same time. The steady beep does not go away unless I turn main switch that supply’s electricity to the hole car off. When I turn the main switch on the round display turns on for about 3 or 4 seconds and then turns off but the alarm keeps beeping. When I turn the key, it lights up and give me a code 4 and a little red light under the number 4 , and will not do anything else. Thank you for taking your time to help me.

OK- First, put the drive select in Fwd. (getting rid of at least one annoying beep.

Second - did you put the two wires back on the park brake switch? or are they still off?

Third- What is state of the car right now? By chance, have you taken the top of the dash off?

Yes, the 2 wires are connected back to the parking brake switch. The top and botton of the dash are off. When you say the state of the car, you mean? I just got this pictures to see if this can help.

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I took this one private and this one has me stumped.
What goes on inside a T1/T2 that would upset it enough to throw a solid beep and not kick in the contactor?

Here are the detais:

  • Solid Beep remains constant.
  • No codes.
  • Solid beep starts at MainSwON.
  • Controller lights up on MainSw power up, Then goes out. ← Normal. Indicates B+ getting to Pin1
  • Key cycles 12v properly. Accessories go On/Off. Display cycles On/Off ← Normal. Indicates power getting to Pin2. Key relay working. (Checked it anyway)
  • MC does NOT clunk at KeyON or pedal press. ← NOT Normal
  • Handbrake throws and clears -04. Even when directly jumped at the switch.
  • Pedal down when KeyON triggers a -11. Then clears when pedal lifted. (This - plus the code -4 cycle shows some logic board activity is present)
  • ~83.5v on top of controller.
  • ~83.5v feeding into the Coil on the Contactor. ~83v going through the coil on the contactor. Contactor Black wire(going to controller) jumped to B- makes it go “Clack”.
  • 23p plug pulled, examined, re-seated.
  • Aftermarket Charger does not have interlock. Key Interlock wire is jumped.

The beeper gets B+ from the connections at the old connecitons at the old PWB plug. (normal).
The beeper sounds when the controller brings the other leg low(to B-).
This car was working fine as it was, then next power cycle it wasn’t.

To me- this sure sounds like the controller needs some attention/rebuild.

Am I missing anything?

I think you covered everything that I can remember. Thank you.

One more diagnostic you could try (to verify)

Remember when I had you pull the big plug off the top of the controller?
Do that again, but this time leave it disconnected and power the car back ON. (MainBatSwON). Does it still beep?

Suspect not. If so- report back.
Note- Your display will not go ON. (Don’t expect it to).

My only other thought is that the parking brake wires are cut (open) somewhere along the line. Putting the two ends together at the switch may be doing nothing.?

I don’t have a wiring diagram handy to see where they terminate and jumper there as a test.

Y- That was one of my first checks. Assumed Switch bad. Jumping the wires at the switch makes the -04 go away. Wires are active.
The controller sees it. If related then beep should silence.

I disconnected the big plug on top of the controller put the main switch to on and it’s not beeping the gage is off like you said and the light on the charger is on.

HI Assyrequired

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Have you find out any other test or information for my car that you can help me with .