American Custom Golf Cars

Hi all,
Just wanted to introduce you guys to our products. I am not sure if anyone on here has heard of us or our products, but I would like to give you guys some information about us:

“In the year 2000 a new company, ACG was started as a partnership negotiation with the famed automobile hot rod designer, Boyd Coddington.
This collaboration led to the market introduction of a hot-rod styled golf cart, called the California Roadster ®.
Today, ACG has 81 licensed distributors worldwide and an annual sales volume of 2,500 vehicles per year.
2011 saw the introduction of the T-Sport ® .
ACG 's first fully dedicated LSV. Billed as “The World’s Best LSV”.
The T-Sport ® comes standard with a powerful AC drive system, computerized speed controller, on-board charging, independent front suspension with disc brakes and a host of other standard and safety features.
Always keeping an eye on the future, ACG continues to be an industry leader in innovative ideas for the electric vehicle industry.”

Our cars are made in our facility here in Chino, California. These are complete LSV/NEV cars, no body kits, and come as is. This makes it much cheaper and is more efficient than having to buy a chassis, buying the body kit, getting it painted, then installed. The chassis used is similar to that of a Club Car, but is slightly larger and uses a thicker aluminum. Here are some standard features:

  • LSV certified
  • All electric
  • 25mph top speed (30+ with speed governor turned off)
  • Thick aluminum I beam
  • Independent front suspension
  • Headlights, tail lights, turn signals
  • AC driven
  • Updated brushless motor
  • Safety features
  • 48v battery setup
  • 4 wheel brake system
  • Regenerative braking
  • 1 year bumper to bumper warranty
  • 4 Year drivetrain warranty

I would love to post pictures, but of course forum rules do not permit me to do so. Feel free to check out our products on our website www acgcars us and on Instagram @acgcars

If you have any questions feel free to slide into our DM’s or email me francis@californiaroadster com