Greetings from ACG

Hi All!

Due to my last post being an ad it will be taken down. I am the sales account holder here at American Custom Golf cars. If you guys have our cars, feel free to post up a picture and let us know what you think and where we can improve. I can also help direct you guys if you need help with the car, need parts, or would like to find a place that can work on your car.

Welcome, glad to have you.


[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;33488]Welcome, glad to have you.



Also, if anyone is interested in selling our cars, I can help you with becoming one as well. We are always seeking new dealers, depending on your area you may not be eligible.

Got any pictures?

I do and would love to show you guys, but as of right now I can’t post the links here lol

You have 5 posts, your good to go.


Yeah, now I am. I went out of my way to get up there lol.

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