2009 B.I.G Man 8 Passenger LSV Golf Cart $4500 OBO

For sale is a 2009 B.I.G Man 8 Passenger LSV Golf Cart electric vehicle that travels up to 25 miles per hour. From what I have found this was manufactured by the Barton Investment Group Manufacturing. It looks like they were a startup when electric vehicles starting growing and they did a lot of 5 passenger vehicles for colleges/university’s and inner city transportation companies. I believe a startup company in Austin, TX had these in their fleet to cab folks around town. Aside from that I don’t know much about them. I purchased this from a gentleman in Oklahoma near OSU which may be the reason for the colors :grin:

It is in great condition we just don’t utilize it enough to warrant the garage space.

It is DC 48 Volt (8 x 6V batteries) and batteries were purchased in Aug 2018. Since it is a LSV it has seat belts, brakes and brake lights, windshield wipers, turn signals and horn.

48-Volt system charger. Just plug it into standard 110V household outlet
Heavy Duty aluminum frame
Rack and pinion automotive steering
Key controlled electronic transmission
Automotive style headlights
Automotive windshield wiper
Seat belts for all passengers
4 wheel hydraulic brakes
Speed range up to 25 m.p.h
Back and sides enclosures with stainless steel corrosive resistant fasteners. Perfect for cold or windy days
Fairway Wheels and Tires are Like New
Bluetooth/Aux/Tuner Radio w/Remote and New Speakers

There is no title but I will provide a notarized bill of sale if desired.

Like this?

I have something else I need shipped from Ok., So I’m curious if you are dumping it or want real money for it. :slight_smile:

Can you get the title or co?

Just sold it though. thx

Anything for sale in ok?
Ruff n tuff, Polaris ev, etc.
Anyone coming to se mn. .

B.I.G Man carts were built in Alva, OK. I actually made an offer to buy the company in 2010. At the time OK had a $2500 tax credit for buying electric and the Feds had a $7500 tax credit.

The 4 seat carts sold for $9999, so it was effectively free. I never understood how the company couldn’t sell enough free carts to stay in business.

They rejected my offer and then completely closed down not long afterwards.

The carts were well built with quality components. The design was a bit different, some loved it, others not so much. Good luck with your sale.