50% Off GEM Factory OEM 72/12 Volt Converter New!

I am a distributor that exclusivly sells to Polaris and other GEM service repair


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facilities the Shure Power 72 12 Volt Powwr Converters.
Retails $750. Min. GEM. Forum folks pays my wholesale cost at $440.00 Includes All Shipping and Taxes. These are Eaton high end units that use the cross name Shure Power. Call Rob at 619-602-8017 Happy Holidays From Gem Fun.

Sorry but $440 for a Surepower Dc/Dc converter is NO DEAL. They can be bought all day long for $200

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Tell me where I can buy. my cost is under 300

This guy is selling them for $125 Used

By the way I’m not trying to bust your deal I’m just letting you know. This subject is very popular here on the Fourm (many people need these power supply’s) and if your cool with used parts and that’s what most here seem to be using. Then $125 is what they can be had for. Some people only want new and in that case they can get them from you.

I get for 60.
Unless a. Bench tested report. Comes with.
Thers a reson their off the GEM .
I am able to give my custoners in the forum
100 percent warranty to insure the validity of performsnce.
I really appreciate ypu sening ne the ebay add.
I like to buy them all. Cheap.

I give. My retaiers at Cart Mart sell tgem 690 plus tax. If you ever come across someone 40.00 referral fee to you.

Thank You For ASE reffetal.
For gem keys wholesale cost contact Western keys or Midwe4 Keys. 16.00 fir 3!


Rich this thread is not turning out the I think you hoped :slight_smile:

Not the grandma’s and grandpa’s here he was expecting to sell ~$400 converters to I guess…

Forum members, all forums, are notoriously frugal. :slight_smile:

I didn’t wanna slam the guy just wanted to let him know that his converters were a bit high on the price. O well perhaps he will offer Members a real 50% off the $200 that they can be had for :slight_smile:

I would also encourage anyone with the older, exposed component converters originally installed by GEM to run their VIN through the NHTSA auto recall check since I just had Polaris come to my house and install a brand new 72/12v converter under warranty for free. Can’t beat that deal anywhere!


Do you have a contact at Polaris? My car falls under the recall but I cant get a soul to look at it on Long Island. I actually have a converter, I just need the harness and I will install it myself.

Chris, I contacted a local Polaris dealer, Yale Chase Equipment here in LA. They handled it all. In fact took them 3 additional visits due to harness and the added light out timer and backup buzzer which are now separate components.

My contact there was

Alejandro Almaguer, branch Supervisor

Let me know what you find out.

Awesome, thank you. I seriously doubt they will send it to me but it’s worth a try!

My cost from Eaton is 268.00 plus CA tax.
Plus shipping to my customers direct fron the amsster dist. ASE 241 plus tax snd shiipping. Ploarisis $749 +tax

I am looking for a replacement converter for my 2000 GEM. Can you tell me where I can find one with the wiring harness’s?

SPS 72 volt-12 volt DC/DC Converter

PN-22130/GEM P01-21130

Is your 72 to 12 VDC converter the open circuit board or the finned sealed aluminum housing?

The open circuit boards were recalled and replaced/upgraded for free.
From the NHTSA:

Check your VIN or get the phone number to call in here

You might have to call in to schedule a service tech visit.

Polaris recently replaced the old DC-DC converter (along with an open emergency brake recall) under warranty on our 2002 e825.

This is the converter on my Gem.