4x4 EV solar gas hybrid build initiated

Greetings all,

Thought I would join up and share my project which starts this week.

I recently acquired a 2009 Ruff & Tuff Hunter 4x4. I will be using this for a farm property maintenance vehicle. So here is where the project begins:

Replacing broken DeltaQ Quik charger with Magnum Energy 4.5kW hybrid inverter/charger. This will be fitted in a new enclosure behind the seat and I will kick back the utility bed 18". Included in this kit is the 400A shunt battery monitor and an LCD control panel. This will provide programmable temperature compensated charging for my 230Ah Discover AGM 48V battery bank, and produce 4.5kW of 240VAC sine wave AC for running electric tools and emergency household power.

Installing the Honda EXD3000 gasoline generator under the cargo bed. This is a 48V battery charger version of the Honda EU3000is, a variable speed engine generator that produces regulated 48V charging power, highly efficient and very quiet. Eventually it will be electric start and controlled by the inverter through an automatic gen start interface.

I have just replaced my rooftop with two Renogy 150W PV modules, and connected them in series with the Genasun MPPT boost charge controller. I might add a third module as my buggy length will grow by 18" by moving the bed backwards.

Was looking forward to making a Ruff & Tuff subforum for all their different vehicles since we lack a proper forum anywhere on the inter-webs.

Very interesting. Do you have any pictures? After you post 5 times you can post pictures or PM me and I will post them in our DYI section.

Glad to have you aboard.


Welcome to EVforum, it’s great to have you with us!

The project you’re doing sounds fantastic, thanks for sharing. I too would love to see some pics :slight_smile:

Hopefully it all goes well without too many technical hitches.