Ruff n Tuff hunter 4x4 EV solar roof Genasun MPPT

Greetings all,

Just wanted to share a “review” on a new mod to my 2009 Ruff n Tuff (RTEV) hunter 4x4.

Added two 150W Renogy PV modules that are roughly 40x40 inch square to replace the plastic roof on the Hunter. The panels are about 18V Vmp, wired in series into a new Genasun MPPT 48V boosting charge controller. Pretty awesome device. Temperature compensating charge (although the temperature sensor is built into the charger which gets warm during use). I have seen 260W input and 240W output to the controller at zero degree incline.

The Genasun controller accepts up to 8A and 350W, and will boost input voltage from the 20V range to 52V battery charging for 48V nom banks. Very compact and waterproof.

2009 Ruff n Tuff Hunter 4x4.
230Ah 48V AGM traction battery, Delta Q Quik charger.
6HP Kinetek motor, Curtis 500A SepEx controller.
Renogy 150Wx2 solar panels, Genasun MPPT.
Alphagen DCX3000 48VDC 3kw generator.
Big AC inverter/charger hybrid coming soon.