Sold 2009 Hunter for sale

I’ll make a listing if any intetest.
Hard to find motor and controller have been replaced with Polaris Ranger ev 35hp a.c. motor and sevcon gen4 s6 650amp controller.
Polaris clone has 3 settings.
High, low, and max range.
Selectable diff lock and 4wd.

Can’t seem to post in for sale.
Here’s a picture.


23 x 8 x 12 front Carlisle
23 x 10 x 12 rear
GPS taped to dash for test.
26mph in high
22 mph in low and max range

I am interested in the build if have time to share.

I can answer questions here or in PM. I checked with the owner/buddy. It is for sale.
Took it out for a long ride with bms to find the speeds for another interested buyer.
It’s not a show car, but for off road and hunting. I noticed the parking brake is not holding, but can have that looked at.
I’m in Se. Mn.

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