Hunter to Polaris Ranger project

Picked up a R&T hunter, actually a couple of them. The first one just needed a series controller, so about a $450 fix.
The one I’m working on has a huge sepex motor and a bad Curtis controller.

I have a Polaris Ranger Sevcon AC controller and 8kw motor, so I thought, “why not?”

When running I would like to find a home for it. Fun doing the electrics and lithium battery, but it could use some mechanical work also.

I will have the motor for sale if someone needs it. If the sepex was oem, it must be the newer model. I haven’t seen one before.

MVC-014F MVC-015F

I cut out all the junk in battery compartment. It will look better after I build an aluminum pan and side walls, as I did in my 2018 Gem.

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Motor spline is the same, but flange and bolt pattern are different.
That will hold things up a bit.

Machined the motor flange and it seemed to bolt right up.
Polaris Ranger S6 48v controller has power. Used a V1 Gem to Sevcon pcb to invert the inputs.
Getting close now.

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Nice work Dave, I wondered why you had been so quite lately… you were working… LOL

What a interesting cart. I know nothing about R&T or BBB. But I know some are 4 WD. Is the one you have a 4X4?

What size lithium do you think you will place in it? Not knowing much about 4x4 carts or off road electric cars. I have heard from a guy that has a EV Ranger with FLA battery’s he said if his cart was lighter it would not work as well. He said the weight from the FLA battery’s helps it haul things and give it better traction.

Just wondering what the Magic weigh is on these off road cars. We all know weight hurts you on the street.

The R&T will out pull any other. Even in 2wd. Independent all wheel keeps all 4 wheels on the ground.

This one has a single motor and shaft to the front. A switch locks it in and another switch for dif lock. These were ahead of there time but got a bad rap when part supply dried up.

I have a 2p16s green pack ready to go in. Don’t need speed so I’m doing the oem Ranger 48v route.

Wheels are turning. On jack stands and backwards, but turning none the less.
I will unbolt the controller and turn it 180 degrees to swap phases. I think!
My cables are too short to cross.


These stubby cables are from my green batteries, as are the neat little 90deg copper terminals.
Needed both to fit. Dumb luck as I mounted things first, then dug for cables.

All done after some setbacks. This makes a R&T 4wd twice the cart that bad boy will ever be.
Fast powerful long range.
The three ranger modes are tuned perfectly for the R&T.

Eco mode with limited speed and 60% torque is great until meeting a hill.
Low speed is plenty fast with 100% torque and good regen.
High speed is too fast, 100% torque. Not needed unless you are racing home.

I have another Polaris Ranger control and 8kw motor for someone who has the same 19 spline sepex cart.
Motors are custom built for large flange. Aluminum flange needs to be drilled using the motor hub for a pattern. Easy to do. Plenty of room to work.

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The huge oem sepex motor is for sale. Much larger diameter torque motor than golf cart or gem.
19 spline should be adaptable to other cars needing super torque.
Used R&T sepex motor $750

Are you looking to part with the differential from the other one? I have a 2008 Hunter 4x4 and need a differential.

Have the other one running, but noisy differential.
What is wrong with yours?

@Inwo Sorry for the delayed response. My differential has bad gears, pinion, and cracked case. I can’t find a replacement. I’m thinking about replacing it with a ranger EV differential. Do you think that would work? My motor and controller are good, or I could consider swapping those out for ranger parts too.

Did you find a diff that would work? I need one also.