48v DC motor question.... Please help

I have been trying to convert an old John deer gator to electric

I have a 48v lipo battery bank going to a 500a Curtis DC controller and wired to 36v DC series motor

I have wired it to a1 to battery. S2. To M terminal and A2 to A2. I have 51v between. A1 to S2 with my multimeter but. Motor isn’t spinning, not sure if I’m doing something wrong with wiring or have a bad DC motor? Please help…

How is s1 connected?
Do you want to test motor direct to battery or is it connected to the controller?

I don’t have s1 connected to anything

The DC controller is connected directly to the motor


Motor can’t run without s1 and s2 connected.
It’s a series motor. Meaning the field s1- s2, and armature are connected in series.

Should I connect s1 to S2, and leave the rest as is?

No current must go through both field and armature to run. If you don’t have f-r relays, connect as the pump diagram.

Switch s1 and s2 to reverse direction.

Thanks , makes a lot of sense, it sounds like I need to jump A2 to S1

Does this diagram look right?

That should work…

I think I’m still doing something wrong

For some reason the voltage across A1 and s2 drops from 51 volt to 0 volts when I connect s1. To a2

And the motor does not spin

when I disconnected the motor from the DC controller and applied voltage across A1 to. S2 directly from the battery the motor spinned, so I think the motor itself is fine there must be something wrong with my wiring or the DC controller

this is my main contactor from the positive terminal of the battery going to the b+ controller. Wasn’t sure if this is backwards