23 pin plug instructions

The information in this PFD is IMPORTANT to GEM owners.

WHY: The hobbyist owner is getting more and more involved in activities that require working with the 23 pin plug on the top of the controller. This is an expensive and sensitive component.

Recent updates by Flight Systems Industrial Products to remanufactured controllers sometimes require the addition of pins to this plug.

You CANNOT just insert a wire or pull one out of this plug WITHOUT following the directions in this PFD

Thanks to Dave (Inwo) for this important piece of information

STRONGLY suggest you download this PFD and review it before doing anything with the plug.


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Link is working fine for me.

Others may not share my views on this.
Works best for me to completely remove the red wedge lock.
This allows seeing the internal lock mechanism. It also assures the new pins are inserted to proper depth.

Instructions tell you NOT to do this.

It makes it somewhat difficult to get all the pins aligned in the red block.

Please disconnect battery before attempting any service.
Also, have good lighting and comfortable position. This is not a job to do when rushed.

If plug is damaged it must be replaced. Not a huge job but wiring errors could damage other parts.

I also remove the lock - same reasons.