Main 23 controller plug extension or part number

In your travels has anybody seen an extension for the main23 plug for the controller?
If nothing prebuilt, how about a male and female part number so I can make one?

After my lift, I don’t have much slack left.

I have the parts. They don’t make the “female plug/ male pin” that I can find.
If you make a male to male, a pcb mount female makes a gender changer. Male pins both ways that fit.
It reverses the pin number sequence, so it’s tricky.
The other solution is soldering.

Over all, cut and splice is easier. :slight_smile:

Crapsticks. I was afraid of that.

This is what I had made to make a 23p-35p adapter for converting to AC motor.


If anyone else is interested, and for my memory. :slight_smile:
Factory crimped wires are $1 each and connectors about $10. (3 needed)
I also have a pcb that fits for free from a interrupted project. It is wired for programming port and leds on each pin for trouble shooting.
I would be glad to give them away or redesign them, if someone was to continue the project.
Let me look for a picture.
Idea was to populate the board as interest in certain tests came up. None ever did. :frowning:

Seems I sent one of these out. Haven’t heard back. Not as complicated as it looks.
For example:
Add an led and limit resistor on p1 and p2 to test for power. Led #1 and led #2.
Test mode by adding ground return, dip and shunt, in upper left. Marked load. I don’t remember why. :slight_smile:
The 23p socket fits board.

I’m trying to dump some projects as this.
And spoof, code 66 repair, etc.

In other words Inwo needs an intern.

I can always hope.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.
I know @LithiumGods wants one.

@Inwo you sent me one of the boards recently. I ended up not using it for the breakout harness I was making as I thought I could make it a bit more compact without it. So far the harness I made is working great. I have one switch to bypass the voltage spoof or disable the car if needed and the other switch flips the controller into programming/monitoring mode. The programming switch came in handy the other day while I was tuning. It enabled me to quickly test a bunch of combinations to find the limits on gear box and rolling radius settings to get my speed up. I want to extend the cables on the switch though so I can stay seated in the drivers seat while programming.

Looks good…