Gem car T2 controller 350amp 72V

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I kindly ask you if any person have a description of input signal to supply to connector 23 pin on the controller T2 type 350 amp 72V.

I see from service manual some signal input to 23 pin connector controller like:costant power supply + 72V to pin 2 and key on power supply +72V to pin 1, but there are no specification about type of signal for brake input, direction (forward and reverse), turf etc.

I need to run the controller without pwb pc board so i need to know which input the controller needs.

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In my manual, #23 is unused. Why do you need to run the motor controller without the DC converter?


Dear Daniel,
thank you very much for your reply.

I don’t use more the dc dc converter, because it is damaged, it is very fragile and I am tired to repair it so I separated 12vdc from 72vdc wiring and now I have a battery dedicated only for 12dc.

In my service manual, the connector of controller T2 type is called Mh20 and have 23 pin, not all used, some of them are very clear that are using +72vdc ie: for key on signal is used +72vdc, for power supply costant is used +72vdc.

Other signal is not specified ie. for forward and reverse, for trust speed may be is +72vdc ?

But for brake seems it is used - reference voltage, it is 0vdc of 72volts ?

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Dear all,
no any know the connections ? :eek:

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Dear Gtmo-gem,
thank you very much for your information, it was exactly what I serched :slight_smile:

Can you inform me where I can buy a new or reconditioned motor controller (T2 350amp 72v type) in case I need to replace it ? Also for other spare parts ?

Thank you very much again for your reply :slight_smile:

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Thanks from all of us newbies for ALL the above.

T1 controller manual.