2023 Gem E6 more distance

What are some kits that I could buy to get more distance? Also I was looking into buying a 48v 100ah battery on Amazon and just connect it to the existing batteries and having a reserve backup power once the factory batteries died. If anyone can give me advice or links that would be great. I also want to make it fast charge capable. Thanks

@djgabriel2004 and @LithiumGods specialize in long distance batteries for new Gems.
Not a good idea to parallel any battery. Much less a lithium to a non protected lead battery.
Stay away from any Generic battery. The new Gems are finicky and need a purpose built battery from someone who knows Gems.

^^ What Inwo just said.

If anyone can give me advice or links

Tough to give personalized advice without knowing more about the scenario.

When initiating a request like this, it helps to include some info

  • what car you have? (year, model)
  • how you are using the car? (purpose)
  • environment? (speed, range, terrain)
  • who will be doing this install? If you, What is your skill set? What is in your toolbox? (some of these mods are not easy if all you have is a hammer)

Fast charge is nice, but possibly unnecessary. In most cases a proper sized battery may be what you need.

Also be aware that any suggestions offered here should be considered experimental, will probably void your factory warranty, and may cause your car to lose some of it’s factory features.

I am using my 2023 Gem E6 for a shuttle / tour vehicle and I’m trying to get the most miledge. I like to stay between 10-20 mph. I have all the tools and have worked on machines before and have plenty of help.

I supply batteries for shuttles in Naples, ohio, Vegas and Arizona

Which charger do you have? And what kind of range are you expecting

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I have the base charger and I would like to get 60miles to a charge more if possible…

Where are you located again pls?

Near Madison, WI about 30 mins north

Not too far from me, but i don’t have 48v batteries.
I have access to Goliath. Is that doable? 16s
That would be a good excuse to get them here.

Tell me how the 16s would work

Goliath would work, bigger than Polaris big lithium

How much would that cost?

About $4k. I need to consult with Gabe on requirements.
There are certain issues with very large capacity batteries.
Minor inconveniences, but need to be addressed.

  1. Cars are programmed to a fixed mileage before recharging. Even if more battery capacity is available.
    Gabe and Michael, have methods to deal with this. I don’t have a Gem here to test and rely on their experience.
  2. Car must have aux battery option.

I need a couple weeks notice. Batteries are in kcmo.
Need to see in @MikeKC is willing to put them on a pallet, or if I can arrange U-ship delivery.

2 x 6.85kwh

So how far would this get me rough estimate? 4k just for batteries then what is total including shipping?

Compare to my 13.7kwh battery.
50 to 75 mile range from Polaris chart.

This one for 4k is only 6.5kwh?

13.7kwh battery only.


Oh ok so you are going to check in with some other people

Hey @Kherman1 - Since this sounds like a new car, Why didn’t you order the extended range pack when you got it?

What pack is in this car and what kind of range are you getting from it?

Expensive from factory