2020 Gem Car Quits Running

My 2020 Gem E2 will run for a while like maybe 1 mile or so and then just quit. The dash stays lit up but the car won’t go. If I plug it in to the charger for 5 seconds, it will come to life and run for a mile or so. Any ideas ? The Gary

Check fault code.
Does “low battery” come on?
What battery do you have? How old?
Not giving us much to go on.

I don’t know where to find fault codes ? 48 v liOn batteries 3 months old I have installed a Shunt type battery meter It goes off when the car quits Comes back on when you plug in the charger

Do you have a display like this?

This one (pictured) is upset over several issues. The triangle is illuminated as well as the wrench and a high battery error is spelled out over the top of the battery SOC bar graph.
Pressing the little rubber button should scroll you through any number of stored codes.
Write them down and report back with any you find.

Lithium batteries? Was this a factory install? Or some sort of aftermarket addition.

Who installed the Battery meter?

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Not helpful. Is it an oem Bramo lithium battery or some unknow lithium. Aftermarket lithiums must be obtained from someone who knows what works.
You can’t just throw in a generic battery and expect it to work.

And the oem can be troublesome as well.

Yes That is the display that I have. The Lithium batteries came as a kit from Ride 4 Fun 6 48 V 250 Amp Batteries / 48V Charger / Battery shunt meter.

I installed the Battery meter between the main ground line ant the small power wire is hooked to the main battery plus ( 48V)

When the car quits, the battery meter quits as well and restarts after plugging in the charger for 5 seconds.

Thank you for your help This thing is driving me crazy and its a short drive !

The car is in my warehouse. I will check the fault codes in the morning.

Not sure of the battery brand I will try to find out

Thanks again



Seems like battery compatibility issue. Not a Gem issue that we can help with. Did it ever work?
After market charger may not work depending on oem charger and connections.
The oem dq is best charger for the new Gems. Although a second charger may work if both are used at the same time.

Post some pics of the batts and the install.
Make sure they are all charging.
Make sure they are all active (assuming they have individual BMS). It sounds like only a few are. When multiple batteries are tied together into a common buss, you would not see the difference if one or all 6 are all working.
You may need to disconnect them and individually check each one.

What does R4F say about this issue?

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what does r 4 f say?. they should be supporting this.


Well, if your inline battery gauge addon is across the battery pack and it too turns off when the GEM goes dead then your batteries probably have a BMS internally and at least one of them is disconnecting for some reason.

As mentioned, I would have validated each battery was getting fully charged no matter what the charger or GEM display showed. What information about the BMS protecting the battery cells did you get with the kit?

I don’t have muck knowledge on how to test this It is odd that it works fine after you plug in the charger

Is the gem dash soc showing full after charging? That is required.
Dash indicates what vcm/bmc sees, and will shut car down at low battery.

As Doug suggests, battery gauge going of indicates a battery problem.
Not something that we can help with. Supplied information points to bad or incompatible battery.

Agree… get them to help and support you or send it back

Hopefully your shunt can handle a couple hundred amps or maybe more considering it’s a 48V system.
I would also check very closely every battery cable connection to make sure you don’t have loose connections which cause a huge voltage drop under loading.

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There’s a sucker born every minute.

Maybe you shoukd ask the vendor ypu bought it fro for help with their product, tough guy.

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I will check on any fault codes later today The batteries are in parallel so I am trying to understand why it would cause a failure. It does make some sense that plugging in the charger might reset the BMW . There are 8 48 v 30 amp batteries in parallel G

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The car had individual batteries originally ?

Of course. Lead-acid are different, and series parallel is the only option.
Lithium are more efficient and will not self-balance. They also have higher internal resistance that helps to evenly share the load.

earlier you said this( above ) and now say there are 8… Believe it or not, words have meaning and just throwing them out there makes it very difficult to figure out what’s real and what’s not. Hopefully David can get to the bottom of it in your private messages with him.

And really wondering why Ride4Fun is not supporting you since they sell it as a DIY kit.