2016+ high voltage

I just swapped covers/wires/plugs from a 2016 gem to a generic 96v DQ charger.
Very smooth and the way to go IMO.
All the control wire pulled easily when reheated. Then new ones pushed through the closed holes pretty well. Trick is to use good old lead low melting point solder.

Same wires, colors, and length. Makes it a neat job.

What was the goal/problem for doing this?
Sounds like it was a HV cart so the charger is set to charge to 98.v?(lowest profile on a 96v charger).
Where are you soldering?

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Plug in replacement with a non-Gem charger.
I have built conversion harness in the past. This takes like 30 minutes and no parts to source.

These 5 wires, as well as the other connections, are exactly the same.

This one is going to a client, Matt, Sunday for DIY. Trying to make it simple.
He will also be changing his battery from 2p14s SDI the 24s Tesla Toolbox.
48v 4wire dc-dc to 80v dc-dc.
And bringing in his S4 80v Sevcon for a hotrod program. Similar to the one the guys put in last 5kw car.
Any hint on fixing the slip map? All 37 and 38 as of now.
Just put it in a 48v Ranger-EV clone 5kw car and it pulls hard. Lowered slip up to 1000rpm a bit. 25 and 30 I believe.


Great place for those 96v chargers on the shelf. A couple volts jump up from 72v and should run cooler.
The dc-dc is also a 4-wire plug-in 80v that I hope works out. Forgot to ask. Matt, do you have power steering?

What you have done is what I do, Some of these slip maps are all over the place as we have merged and modified over the years.
Most of the time it is a give/take - we can tune out the cavitation but then the acceleration from stop is bad. There must be another way to tweek that, ramp speed or something.

I do not have power steering.

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There are a couple 8kw motors floating around… @jrjava I think has one. 24s, s4, 8kw motor setup have been awesome for me

That is correct. I still have an uninstalled 8kw Siemens motor, S4, interface board and extra heavy cables.

Never really got around to installing in my 10 eL. Which I will sell eventually anyway since I bought the '15 eM… So, yeah, hit me up if you’re interested the motor and controller.