2016 Custom Gem Ice Cream Truck

I’m selling a custom 2016 Gem E4 that was built into an ice cream truck! It comes with a 2016 dual axle trailer. Vehicle just had batteries replaced and has 172 miles. davidburns53@att.net

Why were the batteries replaced?

It would not take a charge and the dealership told me I had two batteries with bad cells. Common with the polaris batteries is what they said. I went with all interstate batteries and havent had a problem since.

Can you post some pictures please?


How much do you want and where is the car located?

8750.00 and it is in Dallas Texas. It comes with a 2016 dual axle trailer.

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More pix please. Doesn’t look like 2016 or e4. Pix of trailer? Thank you.

Trailer for towing behind the gem or towing the gem behind a truck?

A trailer for pulling it behind a truck. It is a 2016 and is the “Classic” model, meaning it has the round look. Sorry, being a newbie it will only allow me to post one picture. It is listed on usedvending.com