2016 35Mph Transmission

I can’t get cores. I have done 23 conversions on the 2016 up models.

After seeing what the quiet mount looks like I had to have one. @Old_Houseboater has my modified gearbox on the way back to me so I will have to wait till this Polaris kit comes in from their distribution center in South Dakota before I get to install. Thanks for the PDF @djgabriel2004 so I could see the setup. I think it will be worth it.

Take a look at yours to see if you can’t adapt it to look like what has been done here.

This is where the whole skateboard bushing thing originated.

If you use bushings you raise the gearbox putting undo stress on the u-joints/sleeve bearings so this is where the Polaris kit - isolation mount works. It lowers the gearbox in the frame to allow the factory supplied bushings to fit. But you know that I am sure. Does raising the gearbox 2" or so make a difference? I don’t know. I wonder if the 2019 and newer gearboxes are built with this assembly part of the OEM build. I know that using the Polaris kit means some Assembly Required.

Bushings only raise the gearbox about .5" - don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

Are you saying that installing SB bushings raises the gearbox 2”???

If anything it will raise it 1/2 inch.
Maybe I need to go back and look at a late model mount?

To get an idea what kind of angle the CVS can handle, turn the steering all the way one way or the other and look at the outboard cv. That is within its operating window.

I don’t think there’s much of a difference in height between the 2016 mount + skateboard bushings and the 2020 factory mount and bushings. Maybe 1/8 of an inch.

Thanks for the input. I would like to see a new E2’s mounting. Just for fun.

I’d almost guarantee it’s the same as the e4 but hey, I like checking out gem cars too!


This is from a 2022,

As @Erniea15 said before. Seems like it’s a 2016 bracket with rubber bumpers.

Wondering what happened with 2017/2018 model… and that’s one of the reasons why I bought it.

My guess is it’s over engineered and doesn’t provide that much more benefit than the bushings. Polaris solves the problem in 2018, passes on the cost to the customer, they find a more cost effective solution that meets the same goal at a fraction of the cost, and they don’t necessarily pass this on to the customer… Mo’ margin for Polaris. I don’t blame them.

Anywhoo, I’m sure @djgabriel2004 will get to the bottom of it with his comparison. If it’s a significant improvement, I’ll make the purchase too! Thank you @djgabriel2004 for doing the legwork to benefit us all (feel like a freeloader! Let me know if I can pitch in on the mount since you’re doing all the real work here)

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So this is the Early Kit.

Notice how the transmission sits lower

This looks like it’s the newer kit

Simple not sure the mounts are any different then Stock

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Ya, in the original the stackup has square tubing PLUS the bushings raising the transmission up so they really needed to try and lower the transmission back down. The later kit, using bent flat stock just had the bushings raising the transmission and from what I saw of Rodney’s design, he recessed the busing mounts to further eliminate any displacement of the transmission position.

While the bushings look like one-piece they also look like a typical Monroe shock upper bushing would do the trick at $6 / pair: BuggiesUnlimited Shock Absorber Bushings - Club Car & EZGO | BuggiesUnlimited.com

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Awesome find Doug!