2015 Polaris eS Display Issue

As a little background history, I have been driving and charging this car for 151 miles since I installed a rebuilt motor by Old_Houseboater in late July (see topic 2015 GEM es moves very slow) . The car has been performing very well.

A few nights ago, my city power went out during a charge cycle on my 2015 eS. There was a red flashing light on the charger. I unplugged the unit until the next morning. I turned the key on & my screen went blank. I plugged the charger back up & completed the charge cycle (green light on charger) with the display on. I unplugged AC power, turned key on & released brake. No display no movement. I checked the fuses the next day. All fuses have continuity. With Assy_Required direction, I checked the 3 and 6 pins (Red and Black) on J2 on the PDSM with the Main Battery switch ON. I have power 13.59V. The display only comes on when I’m charging.

I looked up Drive and Power System Error Codes on page 5.7 of 2013 Gem Service Manual. On the Fault Description: Display on the liquid crystal display (LCD) is blank, I tried to follow the Corrective Action for sympton no display no movement. I checked fuses F9 & F13 for continuity - OK. I disassembled my steering column to get to D2. I couldn’t find the D2 connector on the IPS harness so I used the J2 connector on the PDSM, No power on pins A & G with MDS on. I tried pins K & G with MDS on and the key on - NO power. Now I have to repair the circuit.

Any ideas?

Whenever you see a red blinking light, note and count the pattern. It might help diagnose what it was upset about.

Drop handbrake OFF and Key OFF does the car Beep?

When you are checking fuses you should be checking for power rather than just checking continuity.

Note: When checking for 12v, use chassis Gnd for the Black lead from your meter.
When checking for 72v, use B- for the Black lead from your meter. Best place for that is the lower right orange cable on the front of the PSDM.

Is there 12v going through F9?
Is there 72v going through F13?
(assuming you still have the lower dash panel off)
Is there 12v on S6? (the accessory connections)

Locate J2 on the PSDM.
You should have 12v on Pin J (Rd/w)

Locate J3 on the PSDM.
You should have 12v on Pin A (W) when you switch the key ON.
You should also hear a faint click from within the PSDM as you switch the Key ON and OFF.

Confirm Y/N?

I started working on this list yesterday. I was finishing answering this list this morning. I was working on J3 when I turned Key On. The display came on! The key seems to be touchy. I put the car in reverse & it moved. It moved forward as well. I tried lights, signals & horn. Everything is working!!