Display blank 2015 GEM e6

Display blank when ignition on. Display does work when charging. Any ideas.

Car is dead? Key switch?

The car is dead since the switch doesn’t turn the display on. Sometimes the switch works and car runs. This started yesterday, but previously the car would turn off as I was driving, not that ofter though.

No display when car runs?

Currently no display and not running. Only runs when display is on.

  1. Do you get the little lightning bolt/plug when it is charging?
  2. Do you get solid beep when e-brake is released with [Key OFF]?
  3. Does solid beep go silent when [Brake Off/Handle down], and [Key ON]?

Depending on the answers to the above Qs: I would first look at the key switch.
Can you disassemble the backside of the column and get to the wires coming out of the Key switch? Take a pic or describe which wires you have and we’ll tell you which wires to test.
Do you have a meter and know how to use one?

  1. Yes, display working when charging.
  2. Yes.
  3. Does not go silent.
    I do have a volt meter.

Then yes. like everybody has been saying above ^^^^ - Key switch is flaky, and right now not switching at all.

My key had a 3 pin connector but only two wires coming from it. Unplug the connector and jump those two pins on the car end of the connector. (There were 3 wires on the car side so make sure you get the right ones). I bet your display will light up. Unplug the charger, release the brake, and see if it moves.

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Seems to be key switch. Common problem.

I’ll check the switch. On another note how can I check if Main Contactor is fuctioning.

Are you talking about the big relay that is supposed to go “clunk” right before moving? That all happens after [Key On], the display gets lit and certain conditions are met for transit. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

If you are talking about the main disconnect/breaker, then check for power before and after it with your meter. If you have an alarm when dropping the e-brake most likely you have power through the disconnect.


The key switch is flaky, but currently working ok. The car doesn’t have not much power, running about 5 miles per hour. Battery voltage ok. All batteries 8v.

On another note how can I check if Main Contactor is functioning on 2015 GEM e6.

I’m a little confused here. Your key switch is flaky, but currently working? Does your display now work reliably?
So-> Fix that problem. Make it work reliably. Then move on to the next issue.

Are you getting any error codes on your display?

You also say your batteries are OK?
What batteries do you have?
How many?
How old are they? What is the date code on them?
How are you testing them?
Make a picture of how your batteries are laid out and write down the voltage of each one as you test them.
Then test the voltage in the whole pack.
Report back these numbers.
(just a hint… 8v is probably NOT ok)

Do you know where your charger is?
Does it have any lights on the side of it?
What is that showing when it is plugged into the power cord?

What makes you think there is a problem with your main contactor?

The key is working and display working reliably now.
No error codes.
I have the Polaris gel 8 volt batteries. After testing all batteries, looks like one of the batteries is bad reading 6.4 volts and way below when doing the load test. The other eight batteries are above 8 volts (8.6 volts mostly). and under load only drop 0.4 volt. The whole pack 75.5 volts.

Yes I know where the charger is the AC light is on and the 80% battery light since I’ve been keeping the batteries charging.

I don’t think there is problem with main contactor, but wanted to trouble shoot.

Looks like the one battery is the issue, but from what I have understood from others is not good to put a new battery with old ones. Some people say the try to find a good old battery.

Ok, I stand corrected. I did not know they did a layout with 8v gels.
In which case, sure- to get you rolling- see if you can find 1 replacement.
It is not the greatest solution, but the cheapest for now.

How old are the other ones?
When doing the load test what are you using for a load? How many amps are you pulling?

Been thinking about this more.
A few posts above you mentioned that you actually got your car moving, but very slow.
Depending on how long it has been sitting you may also have a motor issue along with your low battery issue.

Have you checked for sticky brushes? When was the last time the motor was serviced?

I’m the second owner. The batteries are original to the car about 5 years for most of them. I did buy a new one almost 2 years ago. I’m doing the load test on batteries by brake/pedal method. The car gets used regularly. The motor hasn’t been serviced since I’ve owned since April 2018 (bought it with 1000 miles on it), since then I’ve put about 2000 miles.
What happened we were driving back home on Christmas night after being fully charged and the turtle came on after a few miles and the car would go more than 5mph. I had the car towed home and been trying to trouble shoot since I was having issues with key, screen, turtle and car moving very slow.