2015 Gem ELXD new batteries code 57 still showing

Just purchased a 2015 Gem ELXD with 1039 miles. Vehicle was parked for a few months . Replaced batteries and code 57 is still appearing. Any help on this would be a plus. Thanks

Same problem with ours here at work and had to purchase a new charger and also have it programmed to except new batteries. Even after all this was done its still showing this code number and also a turtle on the dash, we found some blown fuses and replaced them, still no luck with solving the code. Took it to Utah to have a shop that is known for working on them to trouble shoot the stupid cart, when it returns we are going to sale the pile.

Replacing parts at random, like batteries and charger, will not fix -57 error.
57 is an internal controller shunt error.
Have service personnel look at the armature current as read by controller.
Or substitute a known good controller as a test.