2015 e4 Best Batteries?

I am considering buying a 2015 e4 from a guy in Southern Cal. The batteries currently in the car are chargeable, but pretty much out of gas. He is offering it to me for $10,800 with him installing 6 new “INTIMIDATOR 8A31DTM Group 31, AGM 12 volt, advanced deep cycle VRLA Marine” batt’s, or $10,000 with the original Batt’s, that need to be replaced. He says he get’s them Wholesale, which is why he can get 6 of them cheap. Can anyone comment on the best batteries for the 2015 e4, and which way I should go, should I decide to purchase??? Thank you

I have a 2016 e4 my batteries cost well over 1200 but these are the extra large size deep cycle not the car size so my unit only holds 4 of them. Hope this help on the cost of the batteries.

Laura your car has 6 batterys, there arev4 under the seat and 2 under the rear fender.

My car has four in trunk and one under the dash which is a motorcycle type battery.

pictures please…

My car is a newer model than yours and it’s a 4 seater