2015 e4 best batteries help please?

I am considering buying a 2015 e4 from a guy in Southern Cal. The batteries currently in the car are chargeable, but pretty much out of gas. He is offering it to me for $10,800 with him installing 6 new “INTIMIDATOR 8A31DTM Group 31, AGM 12 volt, advanced deep cycle VRLA Marine” batt’s, or $10,000 with the original Batt’s, that need to be replaced. He says he get’s them Wholesale, which is why he can get 6 of them cheap. Can anyone comment on the best batteries for the 2015 e4, and which way I should go, should I decide to purchase??? Thank you

Take the cart, but it sounds expensive, without new batteries and go with Lithium. You will not be sorry that you did.

I agree with @hadawayj about the lithium pack. The 8A31DTM is an East Penn Deka AGM marine deep cycle battery. It’s about a $260 battery. There is nothing technically wrong with them, but for $1500-ish, you can do better, and get rid of 300-something lbs of unnecessary ballast.

I don’t believe AGMs were ever offered from the factory. It was either 6 x flooded lead acid (12V ea) or 6 x gel (12V ea) or 9 x gel (8V ea). If you went with 6 x 12v gel, you’d be looking $2100 or so to replace all of them with Deka 8G31. More if went with Trojan brand batteries. For 8V Trojan gel, a lot more.

Michael, @LithiumGods should be able to set you up with a drop in lithium solution for somewhere around where the Dekas would cost. The 2015 should already have the right charger, you would just need to ship it to him to be reprogrammed. Add a magic magnet and you’ll cruse at 35-40mph.

As for the $10k price tag, to me it sounds a tad high, maybe should be more like $8k, unless it’s like almost showroom floor quality, but I’m not the most familiar with the last 10 years of offerings. I think @grantwest probably knows more about pricing the newest ones than anyone else here. Rodney, @Old_Houseboater also has a extensive knowledge of the sale values.

If you don’t need extended range or high performance a set of 31agm’s would be a good option. $800 for a set is a great price. Make SURE the charger setting gets changed or you will fry your new batteries.

Good set of 31 series batteries for 25-30mph and max 20 mile range

Lithium for higher speeds and longer range.

Great info folks, thank you all for the responses. I think 10k is a bit much for this GEM, so I offered 9k…no chance he said. I live to fight another day, but this info will apply soon, as I’m looking for a 2013-2015. Great forum, and I think a lithium conversion is the way to go. Mike, I will be in touch for that when I do get a GEM, everyone has great things to say about you and your business…thank you everyone again!