2014 Gem Delta Q - solved

I had my charger out for service and it was out longer than expected. Can someone remind me on the negatives? On the D.C./D.C. I believe it was the center body ground, but I want to be sure. On the charger side I believe it was on the Neg terminal of the controller, but again I don’t want to chance it. Can anyone advise? Thank you!

think you remember right it was same on older type delta q but they dont have dcdc in charger

yes you have right dcdc to the center body ground,number 3

Thank you very much. On the charger side pigtail then, the Negative terminal of the controller is used for the negative? It’s really odd, the manual has a lot of differences from my actual cart. I know that I removed the negative lead from the controller, but in a picture in the manual I see an unexplained wire grounded to the mounting bolt, but I’m pretty sure mine was on the negative terminal, which does go through the jumper to the spot indicated in the manual. Just trying to keep it as close to the way it should be as possible.

Thanks again!

The GEM 72 volt power system is NOT grounded to the chassis. Returns (negatives) are wired.

The 12 volt system IS grounded to the chassis, as in normal automotive practice.

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72 volt ground and 12v ground are not the same,put 72v ground on controller negative and 12v ground to chassie if you have 2014 Charger delta q

on older Gem car and delta q they have not dcdc inside its a separate dcdc unit for that

Thank you both. Old_Houseboater, you were correct on the 72 volt, but I was probably confusing the issue by asking about both sides at the same time. Yes, Gem_e2, the 72 volt ground is grounded to the controllers negative. I noticed in the diagram above the grounding point indicated is connected to the negative on the controller. Just wanted to be sure because it wasn’t exactly as pictured…

Thank you both!