2012 E4 goes Reverse, not Forwards

So just took delivery of a 2012 E4 I won at auction. Had Shipper bring it down to me via trailer. I inspected the GEM when it got here, was strapped down properly and looked in good share. Cranked it up and took it off the trailer just fine in reverse. Put it in Forward and it just stutters an moved ahead at around 1mph. Reverse and it flies… Both Shipper and Seller say it was flying around the parking lot when it was picked up.

No codes displaying, says it is fully charged… I reseated all the connections I could find, no go.
Any ideas?

Reverse F1 and F2 on controller.
If it won’t go forward in reverse it’s the motor.
If it runs forward set to reverse it’s the controller.

Swapped them on the motor, the controller wires appear to have been glued on…
the stutter followed the gear. Put it in Forward, it goes backwards fine. Put it in Reverse, it goes forwards at 1Mph with a stutter.

You mean it’s always the car moving in the forward direction that stutters?
Then it’s motor or gears. I don’t know if a stripped spline or something mechanical can do that.

Stuck brushes can.

Clean the switch that controls direction on the steering column

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Inspect your motor’s brushes. Sounds like a broken brush, brush spring or brush holder. Catch it early.

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