Last week on my way home my 2002 e4 gem just stopped. It will back up ,but when I try to go in forward the main contactor clicks and engages, but it will not move. Voltage is good. The normal rattle we get with them had gotten worse, if that would effect it. Any body have an answer? Thanks!

Did a code come up? What is it? Maybe a 49 or a 51?

What “Normal Rattle” are you talking about?

Ohm your motor and post the readings.

How many miles on the machine?

If the GEM backs up normally, the motor should be ok. Reverse is achieved by reversing the field voltage to make the motor spin the other way. In a 72 volt GEM with a GE controller, the polarity is switched electronically inside the controller. Check the controller and the low current wiring.


He could also swap the field wires to see if it moved forward. If it did he then might blame it on the controller.

He hasn’t come back and told us aout the “normal rattle”.

I have reversed fields on a GE switch locomotive that would only move in one direction. Just to get it back to the shop and repair the reverser mechanism. Didn’t post the idea here because someone might run over something by going the wrong direction.

I reversed the field wires , that was my first thought, it still moved in reverse , but not forward.The rattle I mentioned is when I let off on the accelerator. There is a rattle since I purchased it new in 03. I was told it was normal because of being direct drive.

The rattle is most likely from missing or worn out rubber bumper in the end of the motor shaft and/or a bad MOTOR bearing. If you reversed ONLY the field windings it should have changed to moving in forward with the switch in reverse.

Since you have to remove the motor to change the bumper anyway you should also change the bearing in the motor. It’s only 3 bucks for a bearing. You probably should consider changing the input shaft bearings also. How ever if you don’t have any oil leakage I’d think twice about that. I have had trouble with leakage after input shaft bearing change.

Daniel pointed out that it’s probably electrical however i’m mystified because it didn’t change direction when you switched the field wires. Doe’s it even grunt when you try to move forward?

For a 2002 GEM, the following items would be needed:

o-ring for transaxle input bearing: 3/32" X 1 13/16" X 2", 9452K148 Mcmaster-Carr

transaxle input bearing (large): trade size 6005 double sealed, 6661K88 Mcmaster-Carr

transaxle input bearing (small): trade size 6203 open, 5972K104 Mcmaster-Carr

2004 and older motor bearing at commutator end: trade size 6203 double sealed, 6661K104 Mcmaster-Carr

rubber bumper for motor to input shaft: 1022352-01 Club Car (order from any golf car dealer)

All of these will be less than $100. Mcmaster-Carr numbers are there for all but the bumper. These numbers and many more are found on this thread: