GEM Drivetrain "Growl"

Hello EVers!

I have a 2003 GEM with 1k miles which is in very nice shape. It was a one owner since new and was well maintained. I recently replaced the batteries and pulled the motor and input shaft, replaced the transaxle oil the correct way with Castrol 10w90 (siphoned old oil), checked the input shaft for wear(looked great and reinstalled), pulled the original bumper (mint shape) and reused, greased the input shaft with HD Molly grease, and reinstalled the motor. The GEM never felt so good. It ran as good as new. We made a run to the local market with a good uphill and downhill section and did a top speed run of about a mile and about 75% of the way there the GEM developed a significant growling drivetrain sound. It moves fine in forward and reverse, it’s just loud now. I figure it’s a bearing of some sort (sounds like it is motor vs transaxle). Wheel bearings are quiet.

Here is a video of the sound it makes:

I plan to pull the motor again to check everything . I am planning to do the AC update soon but would love to get the DC system working correctly in the meantime. Would love to have your feedback. Thoughts?

Fighting the same thing. Found input shaft motor side bearing was bad. Replaced both bearings. Same growl on backoff and on jacks. Step on the brakes and it no longer growling.
Swapped motors and it quit. Sent the GE off for rebuilding. Found these motors only have a end bearing as the input shaft supports the armature at the trans end.

Ok - I pulled the 5hp electric motor. The rear main bearing gave out! Must have run too hot.

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