2010 gem drives short distance and dies

What Saturn pedal do you use?

Should be in one of my posts. 669-138 is part number.
This is what it looks like after adding electronic switch. Before changing pedal.

I did some research and that’s off of a 02-03 Saturn vue. While I was junk yard surfing for another project, I took a stroll down the Saturn lane and pulled one off a 02 vue and when I tested it and I’m not getting 3k ohms-80 ohms or constant 3k on any of the pins as the gen service manual states, did I get lucky and pull a bad pedal or do you have something else to compensate for it?

Needs more testing. I do have a mode to bring it into line, however it works fine as is on my 2008. Ohms not important. The controller responds to voltage swing.
Connect ~4vdc to pot and measure wiper volts at extremes. It only needs to be <1v idle and ~3v full throttle to work. (from memory)
A switch could be built internal. But why crack it open?
Mount switch external.
Pot terminals are correct for Gem. :slight_smile: Just plug it in!

Correction <.9v at idle.
Not over 1.4v before switch closes.
Piece of cake. :slight_smile:

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your gem probably came from the factory set for gel batteries . you have to change the deltaq setting to flooded or you will kill those batteries in short order .

It didn’t come with a charger so that’s new. Set the charger for flooded when I installed it