2009 gem front brake caliber?

Hello, I’m attempting to change front pads myself. I understand that there’s a piston I’ll need to hold down once removal of pads but unsure which bolts to remove to release caliber from discs and to avoid brake line pressured. I don’t remove brake pressured line correct? Anyone have video or pictures? Thank you.

You don’t remove the Allen head bolts, there’s two 6 point bolts closer to the cv shaft you have to remove to take off the caliper. Then you will see the pin that holds the brake pads in the caliper, it’s held in place with a cotter pin. Remove that and the pads will fall out. You will have to find something to press the caliper pistons in, just make sure not to damage or mark them up. DO NOT REMOVE THE ALLEN BOLTS!!! They hold the caliper together, removing them will cause brake fluid to leak out as the caliper is a 2 piston design with the pistons on opposite sides of the brake rotor.

Maybe try pushing the pistons back in before you remove the brake pads to avoid damaging them

When you force the caliper piston open. Make sure the cap off the resivour and do only one wheel at a time or you might blow a seal.

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