How to remove rear brake drum 2002

2002 GEM car need to remove brake drum on left rear and see why brake is dragging. Need to know how to get drum off.

Here’s the instructions from service manual.

Thanks for your reply. I hope I can get the drum off easily as the brake was dragging and getting hot. I may have to get back to you when I tackle the inspection of the rear brake for possible more help.


There’s a ton of info in this site, use the search function and see what is found. You’re not the first with a drum brake issue. Also don’t forget to inspect the emergency brake system.

Use a big hammer and hit between the studs as hard as you can. Just be careful not to hit the studs.

Thanks for your support on this issue. I am always concerned about parts availability on these older and somewhat rare vehicles. I think my son and I will tackle this in the next few weeks.

Once I ended up having to use a pneumatic needle scaler to rattle the drum enough to crack all the rust scale in a very neglected set of drums.

My neighbors love me


Instructions not much help. Are there not threaded drum removal holes in Gems?

Yes, there are threaded holes for jacking screws. I don’t recall the thread offhand though, it might be metric.

I got the drum off with just a little hammer work and am preparing to check out the left rear wheel on a 2002 GEM car. The manual parts call out for the front brakes in the manual is correct but the rear wheel parts list is wrong in several places.

I would like to know the order of the lower bolt holding the bottom of the brake shoes. From looking at the brakes from the outside the bolt goes into the retainer then the shoes and then the spacer then through the backing plate and then the nut on the back. IS this correct? Not sure where the spacer goes.

Need clarification.