2009 GEM E6 Wheels and tires

New here so Im going to be asking a few questions about my 2009 E6. I need to put new tires on it so I was going to go ahead and get some better looking wheels than the stock white ones with hub cabs. The problem is I have the 5 bolt pattern and I cant find the correct bolt spacing on here. I have searched and find plenty of answers about the 4 lug pattern but cant find an accurate 5 lug answer.

Im also going to be inquiring about lithium battery packages and ac motor conversion in the future. When we load it up with people and beach gear its fairly sluggish.

I believe they are 5x100 - We have some wheels and tires to put on a 2010 E6 and those are the spacers we ordered. But we have not tried them yet so I cannot be 100% sure.

Be careful and DON’T increase the diameter of the tires you buy. For each inch of increase in tire diameter you lose roughly 5% of acceleration, load carrying, and braking performance.

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Found the wheels and tires im going to install.

Now let’s talk about lithium batteries since the batteries in it now need replacing. Our gem car stays in Mexico Beach, FL at our house and once we get down there we pretty much drive it everywhere.

I would like to get it where it will run 45 mph for a short stretch so we can take it to the dollar store while we are there. That’s about a 6 mile one way trip.

Let’s set a budget of $4000 on it right now not counting the wheels and tires

You need to talk to @LithiumGods about batteries.
If you really want to fly @Inwo and I can give you an AC conversion that you will love !!

I’m going to Destin in a few weeks , will you be in Mexico Beach by then ?

also don’t worry about going too large on tire diameter if you are installing lithium . Between the reduction in weight and the higher voltage it will accelerate very fast . I run 24.5 " tall tires on mine .

I’m back and forth between there and my house in south Georgia a good bit right now. We are building a new house in Mexico beach right now after hurricane Michael destroyed our old one. Actually we just did get our gem car out the Tuesday night before Micheal hit or it would have been toast. The gem is still at my farm now with dead batteries as we havent drove it since the hurricane. It doesn’t do well around here on rough dirt roads

After talking to Mike im on the list for lithium power. I also checked my diff today to see what gear ratio I have and from what I can tell it has the 14.7 gears. Im going to go with the tallest tires I can fit under it for the time being.

Then you can go AC and get another 5K rpm over stock. That will move you along much better. :slight_smile:

If i have researched correctly I can keep the 14.7 ratio, do the lithium batteries, and ac motor which will allow me to keep really good low end and plenty of mph to play with too


What rpm will the ac motor turn reliably? I may have to drop to the 12.4 but honestly 45mph is plenty

I run them all day at 7K - 9K - Technically the gear boxes are not rated for 9K RPM but we have yet to see a problem. Kinda like the T-4 controller is only a 72v controller and we run them at 98/99v. LOL

Which tire/wheel combination did you go with? Any links or information you can share? I’m looking at options to replace the tire/wheels on an 07 e6 with the 5-lug 5x100 pattern. If there is something you found that works and you can share, that would be appreciated.