E6 Tire Size Options

What is your experience with adjusting and increasing tire size on the E6 without adding a lift or adjusting the height of the rear spat or front fenders?

I’ve got the 13" 5 lug tires on it and am looking at options to put a larger tire on (with spacers I would assume). What has worked for others?

what year is the e6 ?

It’s a 2007 model e6

Increasing tire size decreases performance and load carrying ability… Especially acceleration and hill climbing ability. consider performance enhancing upgrades if you go this route.

Thanks. The car is used in an area that is extremely flat over in the Arkansas delta. I’ll likely do a lithium conversion when the existing Trojan set goes out but as the tires need to be replaced this fall/winter while I rehab the car I wasn’t sure if I needed to stay on the 185/70/13 set or if I could upgrade.

Did you have an answer for the question? I am wanting to ask the same thing. Mainly because I will be adding larger wheels, since I want to upgrade the appearance.

Do you have any information to add? I never place a load in the bed and always have over 50% of battery life left when I charge it, so loss of range and payload is of zero concern.

I haven’t - and with this being at the lower end of items I’ve been working on with this car I haven’t prioritized tires/wheels (yet).

From what I have noticed, the 5-lug (5x100 I believe) is atypical on the other GEMs and the bolt on options for these are either limited or more expensive than ones for the e2/e4 series.

If you find a workable solution, or identify a viable path I’d love to hear more of what you’ve found that works. Likewise from others.

I have four lug hubs on my 2013 e6S. I upgraded the factory 14" wheels to 17" with 205/45R17 tires using spacers. I haven’t noticed any issues with rubbing carrying 6 adults. I haven’t loaded up the rear short bed but it has a good amount of clearance.

I have a 2011 E6 and just installed 185/65R14 over the original 60 series. added about 3/4" Diameter. I will update later today as to the end result

Good to know. Are these 4 lug or 5 lug wheel sets on your e6? Curious to hear about results.

My newly acquired 2011 E6 has 5 lug.
The other 2013 E6 owner says his was 4 lug?
All my other Gems are 4"x4 lug

Same. My 07 e6 is 5-lug where my 06 e4 is a 4-lug.

So I took off my neighbor s 2004 Toyota Corolla wheels and put them on his 2011 E6 no adapters size 195 60 15 put M M on and programmed controller he drives it 11 miles to work also installed D D motor torque 20 hp ? So far no problems and a little hilling butt we took off new motor and put old motor for a couple Days and he said it did ok also then I pulled it off and put new back on pulled old motor apart and clean old motor up put new brushes clean electric solvent the windings cleaned commutator put in another cart and is running great maybe new motor not necessary ?

I believe the 5 lug has a 100mm lug pattern.
Does anyone have a OEM wheel available as a local guy is in need?

I have a set of four I’ll take $100 for I’m in Torrance California